Love is the most beautiful word in the universe and Vashikaran mantras are best spiritual source to get someone’s love, care and respect. Love is not only possible between human but also it happens between animals, birds and plants, that is why baba trilokinath ji believes that Love is the only thing that links us together.

Here, we are mentioning the most effective Vashikaran Mantra for Love to which you can chant at Home without any problem. This mantra is effective to get love of the desired male or female. The only condition is that the desired person should be knowing you well, face to face.

Effective Vashikaran Mantra for Love is – 

Om Jham Jham Jham, Heem Kleem, Mata ko pukar Shakti Apaar ll

Dila de mera Pyar, Om Jham Jham Jham, Heem Kleem ll

Procedure – Chant the above mentioned mantra atleast 3 malas daily in midnight for 21 days. This mantra shows miraculous results. The desired male or female will start getting attracted toward you, will be eager to talk to you and gradually will fall in love with you.