Shabar Mantra – “Shabar” means a work done or performed in an auspicious period and Mantra is a series of words chanted to invoke the power of vashikaran and black magic to make your wish come true. Most auspicious days for performing shabar mantras are Solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Tripushkar yoga, Amavasya, Full moon night, ashwin nakshatra etc. Shabar mantras has been in use since ages for solution of various problems in life, mostly for the problems pertaining to love, marriage, wealth, success, business and job.

Shabar Mantra for Love:- In India, tantriks are using shabar mantras mostly for solving problems in ones love life. Specially in case of breakup or when you want to get your lost love back. Shabar mantras are proved to be very effective and fast problem solving method of vashikaran.

Shabar Mantra for Marriage:- Marriage is a life changing step for a male or female but sometimes one have to face challenges in marrying the chosen one. The problem can be various, but doing shabar mantras on the person you love can make sure that he or she marries you without any hesitation.

Shabar Mantra for Success:- Success can be acheived by combinatin of hardwork, smart work as well as luck. Here “Luck” is considered as an important factor because like you many people are striving to get success. So, if you want to increase your good luck by many times and want to remove bad luck and negative energies from your life then use shabar mantra and see the incredible things happening.

Shabar Mantra for Wealth:- Wealth has become among essential need to life a satisfying life nowadays but wealth doesn’t come to everyone. In Indian we worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber for getting blessed with wealth. Shabar Mantras are considered as very effective in attracting wealth.

Shabar mantras for Vashikaran

Shabar Vashikaran Mantras are done in special muhurta or special time. Here, we will discuss about best shabar vashikaran mantras which provide fast and very effective results.

Shabar Voodoo Vashikaran : Mantra – “Baandhu indra ko, baandhu taara. Baandhu Baandhu lohe ko aara. uthe indra na bole baaba. sukh saakh dhuni ho jaaye. tan upar fenki, kade hoy soot,. main to bandhan baandhyo, saas sasur jaaya poot. Man baandhoo, tan baandh virhiniyaa ke saath, chaar ghuunth fir aaye falaani falaane ke saath.

Method – This mantra is energized after making a voodoo doll. Collect some dust from the right feet of the desired person or take used sock of right leg of desired person. Now grind the dust or used sock with flour of Jau and mix some blood from your Anamika finger. Collect some water (about 100 ml) of your body after bath and then mix that water with ingredient. Worship the voodoo doll in midnight in naked position. Chant the above mantra 50 times in front of the dooll