How to do Stri Vashikaran or Premika Vashikaran by use of Hatha Jodi?

Mantra –

ll Om Namo Aadesh Guru ko Siddh Mata Stambhni mohini vashikarni amukam mohini mum vashy kari kari ikshit kaarya poorti kuru kuru swaha ll

Hatha Jodi is a special herb used for performing Tantrik Kriyas and it is widely used for doing Vashikaran Kriya on a female. This Vashikaran prayog should be started from any Friday by chanting the above-mentioned mantra 10 thousand times. By this the mantras will become energized to work for you. To energize the Hatha jodi by this mantra -Lay a white cloth on a wooden table and then keep the hatha jodi in a bowl or any container. Now tilak that hatha jodi with ashtgandha and light a diya/deepak and incense stick/agarbatti in front of you. Now chant the mantra 10 thousand times with Rudraksha Mala.

After Energizing the Hatha Jodi, keep it in a safe place where no one should be able to touch it other than you. 

How to use hatha jodi for vashikaran after energizing it?

Whenever you want Stri Vashikaran by Hatha jodi, put some sugar or Sprinkle some milk or Some fruit or Paan on Hatha Jodi and then chant the mantra 11 times and replace the word “Amukam” with the name of desired lady/stri. Now, offer any of the above eatables which you put on Hatha jodi to the desired lady to eat. This procedure creates very strong vashikaran.

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